Kitchener-Waterloo Christian Home Educators’ Association

Please note that while you are free to choose any seminar you wish to attend, due to fire regulations, we are not allowed to have more people in a room than the number of chairs that have been provided.  

If you find that a seminar has no empty chairs when you arrive, please find another seminar that you could attend.  All sessions are first come, first served.  Some popular seminars may fill very quickly.  


Seminars will be approximately 1 hour long, with an additional 15 minutes allotted for questions and answers. You are not required to register for seminars ahead of time.

Seminar topics will include choosing curriculum; teaching specific subjects; practical tips for success; learning disabilities and more.

Seminars sessions will not be recorded.

Cell Phones  

We recognize that your cell phone is an important way for those caring for your children to get hold of you in an emergency. For this reason, we will not be requesting that you shut your phone off. However, please make sure that your phone is turned to vibrate, so that it will not disturb others. If you should happen to get a call during a seminar, please exit the seminar to take the call.  Also, please refrain from making calls during a seminar session.  The speaker of the session may ask you to leave if the phone is causing a disruption to others.

Nursing Infants

Please remove crying, fussy or noisy infants from seminar rooms immediately.

Overview of the Day – 2014

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Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

Homeschooling 101

Louise House

Unschooling Math

Emily Beilby

Homeschooling Your Pre-schooler And Kindergartener

Suzanne Faris

Calling All Moms -- The Encouragement To Press On For God's Glory

Laurie Kenyon

Autism Spectrum & Homeschooling: Symptoms, Interventions, & Strategies

Suzanne Day

Language Acquisition: Making the Connection between the Brain  Processing Skills & Language Skills

Jenny Gray

No Child Left Inside

Shawn Hadigate


Shelley Riimand

The Importance of American History for the Canadian Christian

Heinz Dschankilic

Essay Writing In High School

Liz Sheils

Pursuing True Beauty

Patti Durston

Driving Me Crazy!

Randy Baker

The Write Stuff: Encouraging Your Child in the Creative Writing Process

Samantha Cameron

Practical Creation Science: Hands On Activities And Experiments

Samantha Cameron

Math And Mindset

Samantha Cameron

Finances From A Biblical Perspective

Stephen Brogan

Pursuing Excellence for God's Glory

Josh Tiessen

Genetic Meltdown: Why Mutations are Leading to Extinction not Evolution

Richard Fangrad

The Heavens Declare:    A Recent Creation

Richard Fangrad

Struggle To Juggle

Bettie VanGils Kloet

Laziness, Late Bloomer, or Learning Disability?

Diane Geerlinks

Teaching Tips For The Struggling Learner

Diane Geerlinks

Reading Disabilities: The Missing Link

Matthew Turton

Learning Disabled To Gifted: My Story

Matthew Turton

How Not to Raise a Homeschooling Geek

Paul Faris

The Legalities Of Homeschooling In Ontario

Paul Faris

Third Wave Of Homeschool Persecution

Paul Faris

Technology @ Home

Bryan White

Charlotte Mason in the Upper Years

Anne White

Parenting A Special Needs Child - What To Do & What Not To Do

Steve Blakely

Homeschooling The Special Needs Child

Lena Emo

Character For Moms

Lena Emo

Exploring the 20 Principles of a Charlotte Mason Education

Christine Gayfer

Education By Inspiration: Education is an Atmosphere

Cori Dean

Laying Down The Rails: Education is a Discipline

Cori Dean

Real Brain Food: Education is a Life

Cori Dean

Teaching Logic & Critical Thinking

Kirk Durston

Building A Moral Compass

Kirk Durston

Organizing Your Space

Joanne Schreuders

Organizing Your Time

Joanne Schreuders

Teaching Phys. Ed. at Home - Yes You Can!

Bettie VanGils Kloet

Helping Homeschoolers Making Effective Career Decisions

Brenda Tomini

After High School: Job, College, or University

Brenda Tomini

Phonics or whole language learning: How do I best equip my child?

Glen Robson

Seminar Descriptions

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